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Payout Per Unit $417.80 (Our Min Bid Spot Plus $1) Higher payouts for large volume


Buy 1 Oz Silver Rounds

Sell 1 Oz Silver Rounds

Best Place To Buy & Sell 1 oz Silver Rounds In Denver, Colorado


These Silver Rounds are new or Uncirculated 1 Oz silver rounds made by private mints. (We sell these in Mint Tubes of 20)

A coin and a round of the same design may look very similar to each other. They may have the same size, diameter, and thickness. Add to that the same weight and percentage of precious metal and you can see the source of confusion.

However, that’s where the similarities end. On the one hand, coins are generally coined by a government mint. Government-minted coins generally have a face value, meaning they are legal tender. They often feature the mark of the production US Mint.

On the other hand, a round is coined at a private mint. It can have a similar obverse and reverse design as a coin, but it won’t have a face value. This means a round isn’t a legal tender or denominated in a government currency.

In general, coins tend to have a higher premium than rounds. Coins can be more popular with collectors while rounds appeal more to investors looking to get as much precious metal for their flat currency as possible.

Buying & Selling 1 oz Silver Rounds In Denver, Colorado

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