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Get A Free No Obligation Appraisal And Offer On Your Valuables


CPMEX would like to purchase your coin collection, rare coins, bullion, jewelry, paper currency, diamonds and other rarities. Our expert buyers are ready to answer your questions and provide liquid values to your items. (Free Appraisals)(Button) The first step to take if your thinking about selling or getting an appraisal on your bullion ,rare coins, currency, jewelry, or other valuable is to provide us, via email or phone, information regarding the collection or items. An inventory list of the items or pictures can be sent via email or text, partial list if fine.(our system link contact) We will have one of our precious metal, Numismatist or jewelry expert follow up with you and provide information regarding the value of your material. Our buyers are trading precious metals ,rare coins , rare US currency and jewelry on a daily basis so are up to date on the current prices and trends which allows them to pay or loan the most money for your collection and items. After our experts do their initial appraisal they will follow up with you via email or phone to discuss values and how we can purchase your collection or items. We have many local gold buyers, local silver buyers, local jewelry buyers and local rare coin buyers across the county that can meet with you personally or we can arrange for you to ship your coin collection or other item to our expert buyer for final inspection and sale. If you Google “local coin dealer ”, “local gold buyer”, “local Jewelry buyer” or “local diamond buyer” “sell my diamond near me” you will find that our company is more transparent and offers more then other dealers.

CPMEX makes it easy to sell your items for the highest prices.

Below is a list of some of the items we have expert buyers in:

How our Buying process works

Our Simple Process Makes Selling your items Easy

Follow the steps below and start the process of getting your items appraised and an offer to purchase

Step 1:  Send us pictures or an inventory list via text or email of the items you would like to get appraised.

Step 2: Our experts will review the information and reply back with an initial appraisal and offer

Step 3: We will arrange for physical appraisal either in person or through our popular insured mail-in service program.

Step 4: Receive Funds

It’s that easy!


Private appointment

We have expert buyers throughout the country and can easily arrange a personal visit to appraise and purchase items.  Being a national buyer means we have a expert buyer near you ready to appraise and make an offer to purchase your items.

Insured Mail-In Service

In some cases items are to low in value or the client is to far for one of our experts to personal visit, for these situations we created our popular insured mail in program.  Now it is easy to get a free appraisal and offer to purchase from the comfort of your home and ship directly to one of our offices.  After we receive the package one of our buyers will do a final inspection of the items.  If you decide to sell we pay immediately.  If you decide not to sell, at our expense, we ship your items back to you fully insured.

If you are interest in starting the process or just have more questions contact us!  We are here to answer any questions you may have.


As a nation-wide buyer we have an expert near you.


Free Appraisal for Your Rare Coins, Gold, Silver, Coins, Jewelry, Diamonds, Luxury Watches and other High-End Valuables

Email, Text, or Use This Form To Send Us Your Inventory List or Pictures | Phone: 303-500-5159 Text: 303-945-5138


Our Awesome transparent Gold Coin Payouts

Our Awesome live transparent Scrap Gold Payouts Minimum Payout is 85%!  Nice

Our Awesome live transparent Silver Coin Payout Prices

Our Awesome Live Payout Silver Scrap Jewelry/Flatware

When selling rare coins, bullion and jewelry items many people have the same question. “Where is the best local place to sell my rare coins, gold, jewelry or diamonds near me? or “How do I get the most money for my rare coins near me?” or “How do I get the most money for my Jewelry near me?” or “Where is the best place to sell my rare coins near me?”

Find out why some many people who ask those same questions have chosen us to liquidate there valuables.

When people google “local rare coin dealer “, “sell my coins near me”, “local gold buyer”, “local silver buyer” they will often find our company.