Buy & Sell 90% Silver Coins Mercury Dimes $5 Face Value In Denver, Colorado

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Buy & Sell 90% Silver Mercury Dimes In Denver, Colorado

$5 Face Value Roll of Mercury Dimes

The increasing value of Silver caused the discontinued use of Silver in American coinage. These $5 rolls of 90% Silver are an excellent entry point to increase your Silver holdings!

Product Highlights:
Contains approximately 3.575 oz actual Silver weight.
Coins are packaged in a tightly sealed roll.
Each roll contains only Mercury Dimes by the U.S. Mint.
All rolls of coins are dated 1964 and prior.

These rolls are a great way to add Silver to any investment portfolio. Add a $5.00 Face Value Roll of 90% Silver Coins to your cart today!

Dates on these coins will be of our choosing, determined by stock on hand.

Pre-1965 90% Silver coins, sometimes referred to as junk Silver or scrap Silver, are a great way to start your Silver investments. These Silver coins were pulled from circulation with the introduction of copper/nickel clad coins and the rising demand of Silver. The public saved them for their 90% Silver content as a rainy day fund they can fall back on.


Mercury Dime Information

Junk Silver / Constitutional Silver Information

Coinage Act Of 1965 Information

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