Peace Silver Dollar Coin (1922-26, 1934-35, BU)

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We are honored to offer authentic Peace Silver Dollars in BU condition produced by the US Mint. These brilliant uncirculated coins are a choice acquisition for investor’s and collector’s treasuries. The coins in this collection will be from years of our choice.

Coin Highlights:

  • Consists of 90% fine silver.
  • Minted by the United States Mint.
  • Minted between 1922-1926 and 1934-1935.
  • Designed by Anthony de Francisci.
  • Special Morgan design inspired by Francisci’s wife, Teresa, on the obverse.
  • Individual coins ship in plastic flips, multiples of 10 – 20 ship in tubes.

The Peace Dollar was minted from 1921 to 1928 to commemorate the end of World War One and again from 1934 to 1935. A batch of 300,000 Peace Dollars were also minted in 1965, but were never issued. They were destroyed at the mint. The Peace Dollars we offer are considered the last true Silver Dollar with 90% fine silver and a weight of .77344 troy oz.

Both sides of the Peace Dollar were designed by Anthony de Francisci. His wife Teresa fulfilled her childhood dream by modeling for Lady Liberty. The coin was very well received by press and public, who adored the young, beautiful, American featured Lady Liberty.

The reverse side of the coin features the American eagle at watchful rest. It stands on a rock that has the word PEACE carved into it. There is an olive branch under its foot and the rays of the sun rise from below.

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