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These American Silver Eagles will arrive in any condition, and most will be imperfect in condition. These imperfections may include but are not limited to; tarnish, scratches, rim dings, milk spots, polishing and any other manner of damage. The coins you receive may be of any year and will be authentic US Mint Silver Eagles.


There?s a reason the American Silver Eagle has long remained the favorite of many silver bullion collectors. The majestic eagle has its place in the hearts of millions as a symbol for the qualities close to the heart of American culture. But the silver eagle is not just an American phenomenon; collectors around the world have flocked toward new editions of the classic coin. Continuously produced for nearly four decades, the American Silver Eagle Coin?is a highly anticipated yearly release from the U.S. Mint.


Cull coins are a way for investors to access the beauty and value of the American Silver Eagle Coin at an extremely low premium. While some collectors certainly prefer the appeal of uncirculated coins, the blemishes and marks of a cull coin can help to represent the history and travels of the great American silver coin. Our Cull 1 Oz American Silver Eagle Coins are all blemished or damaged in some way, and they come from a random year. The coins marketed as cull are generally damaged in some visible way, but they nevertheless still feature the imagery of the silver eagle, along with pure silver.


Key Features:?

  • Random minting year.
  • Varying levels of blemishes, marks, or imperfections.
  • Obverse Depiction: Lady Liberty walks in a design by Adolph A. Weinmans.
  • Reverse Depiction: The American Eagle as designed by artist John Mercanti.


There are a few reasons why collectors continue to purchase cull coins. There’s something unique about owning a piece of American history that has been weathered and altered throughout its travels. Each cull 1 Oz American Silver Eagle Coin tells two stories: One story of the unique and beautiful designs themselves, and another of the coin’s movement throughout the U.S., marked by marks, scratches, and other imperfections.


The obverse and reverse sides of the American Silver Eagle Coin have remained relatively static, despite the long running minting history it offers. On the obverse side, Lady Liberty seems to march forward, her hand outstretched and a rising sun beneath her feet. The coin’s minting year, along with the inscription “In God We Trust” and the word “Liberty” are also featured on the frontside of this coin.


On the reverse side, the centuries-old heraldic eagle of the United States is placed in the center, along with an inscription of the “United States of America.” This very same design, eventually refined by John Mercanti, has been featured on countless representations of the United States. The same eagle is featured on the official seal of the President of the United States. Purchasing cull 1 Oz American Silver Dollar Coins is a great way for investors to capitalize on one of the most popular coins in the history of the world without breaking the bank.


These coins, like the country that mints them, have been through countless journeys and travels on their way to the collector. But the brilliant imagery of the eagle and Lady Liberty, as well as what they represent, remain.

Buy & Sell Cull 1 oz American Silver Eagle Coin

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