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Commerce City Jewelry Buyer

We Buy and Sell All Types of Jewelry  & mainly Gold & Silver Jewelry

The Right Place to Buy and Sell Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, and Other Jewelry Items in Commerce City

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We Buy Silver Jewelry in Commerce City, Colorado

We Buy Gold Jewelry in Commerce City, Colorado

We Buy Diamond Jewelery in Commerce City, Colorado

Sell Your Jewelry & Gold Jewelry For The Highest Prices in Commerce City


We Offer Free Appraisals & Offers On Your Jewelry

Our Expert Jewelry Buyers want to give you a free appraisal and offer on your gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, estate jewelry, pre-owned designer jewelry and other jewelry items.   As expert jewelry buyers we have a deep knowledge of important antique jewelry and previous-owned designer jewelry from brands like Harry Winston, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, Chopard, and others.  Our buyers will examine these pieces separately and make a fair liquid value offer for them.  Our expert buyers can assess the “intangible” aspects of estate jewelry, such as  the added market value bestowed by legendary luxury brands.  Since we deal with these types of pieces on a daily basis our experts have knowledge of their current values which allows us to pay more then your local jewelry store, pawn shop, or gold buyer.

The best places to sell jewelry is with an expert jewelry buyers who have a deep background in important estate jewelry and antique jewelry.  Our buyers have spent decades building expertise and establishing resale channels throughout the United States and internationally—all of which enables them to pay you more for your estate and pre-owed designer jewelry.

For scrap gold jewelry, we use our transparent live gold market payout to insure our clients get live real time prices for their gold jewelry and other precious metal items.  Unlike other gold buyers, pawn shops, we buy gold shops, jewelry stores, and other gold buyers, we want to show our clients what we are paying them in an upfront and easy to understand transparent manner.  No more wondering if you are getting a fair price on your gold jewelry when selling.  We display our live prices on our gold payout page. See Below

By doing our own refining we are able to pay more for your jewelry.  When you sell your jewelry to a local gold buyer, pawn shop, or jewelry store they have to send their gold out to a third party refiner and often do not have the correct equipment to know for sure what they are purchasing.  We use the latest technology XRF ( X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy) for testing gold and other precious metal items that might otherwise be hard to find the purity of because a lack of any Karat stamps or the items are stamped incorrectly.  Obviously, if you do not know what your buying you will have to offer less to be safe, to insure you are not losing money.  Dealing with us you do not have these issues because we use the XRF to test these items, which allows us to pay you the correct amount for your gold or other precious metals.  We are buying lots of gold jewelry on a daily basis and always use live prices and payouts when evaluating items, which at the end of the day means you get more cash when selling your gold or other precious metal jewelry to us.


Our Simple Process To Sell Your Jewelry For The Highest Prices in Commerce City

Follow the steps below and start the process of getting your Coin Collection Appraised

Step 1:  Send us pictures or an inventory list via text or email of the jewelry you would like to get appraised.

Step 2: Our expert jewelry buyer will review the information and reply back with an initial appraisal and offer

Step 3: We will arrange for physical appraisal either in person or through our popular insured mail-in service program.

Step 4: Receive Funds

Private appointment

We have expert jewelry buyers throughout the country and can easily arrange a personal visit to appraise and purchase jewelry.  Being a national buyer of gold jewelry, diamond jewelry, and brand name jewelry means we have a jewelry buyer near you.  Our expert jewelry buyers look forward to reviewing your items.

Insured Mail-In Service

In some cases jewelry is of to low of value or the client is to far for one of our expert jewelry buyer to travel to, for these situations we created our popular insured mail in program.  Now it is easy to get a free appraisal and offer to purchase you jewelry from the comfort of your home and ship directly to one of our offices.  After we receive the package one of our buyers will do a final inspection of the items.  If you decide to sell, we pay immediately.  If you decide not to sell, at our expense, we ship your jewelry back to you fully insured.

If you are interest in starting the process or just have more questions contact us!  We are here to answer any questions you may have.

Free Appraisal for Your Gold Jewelry, Silver Jewelry, Diamond Jewelry Or Other Jewelry in Commerce City

Contact us today for your Free No Obligation appraisal and offer!

Some Gold Coins & Bullion We Currently Have For Sale.

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