Did you know that gold is worth approximately $1,802 per ounce in 2022? If you are thinking of where to sell gold in Denver, check out this list of places that buy and sell gold coins and jewelry. And you will find out why you should sell to Colorado Precious Metals Exchange.

There are many gold buyers in Denver but when it comes to the best price for your gold CPMEX is a buyer you can trust to treat you fairly and be 100% transparent. We will show you the numbers before you even contact us.

Continue reading to learn more about CPMEX and why you should sell to us.

Selling Gold Items in Denver

There are several places to consider if you are in Denver looking for where to sell gold rings, where to sell gold jewelry, or other gold items. You could sell your gold to a local coin dealer or a pawn shop, but you will not receive the best price.

Feel free to skim this list of places you can sell your gold in Denver:

Dave’s Gold and Silver Exchange
Big Daddy’s Jewelry and Pawn
Colorado Coin

You can waste valuable time searching “where to sell gold near me” because there are too many gold buyers in Denver but not enough trustworthy ones.

If you want to maximize the value of your investment, then consider selling your gold items to Colorado Precious Metals Exchange instead. CPMEX is a gold buyer you can count on!

Where to Sell Gold: Colorado Precious Metals Exchange

Our mission is to bring honesty, integrity, and value to every aspect of our business. CPMEX is a trusted industry leader in the gold buying world.

We have free appraisals and are the place to buy or sell coins, jewelry, diamonds, currency, and luxury watches. We are interested in all the gold items you want to sell.

There will be no cherry-picking. We will not offer to take only the best gold coins from your collections; we will buy everything you have and pay top dollar.

You can check CPMEX online for live prices and compare what we will pay you versus the competition. Unlike most gold buyers who may try to confuse you by giving a bulk price for items, we guarantee that we will offer you the best prices and rates.

Our Colorado gold buyers endlessly seek to purchase gold in any form and give you the best price for your items.

Talk With Our Gold Experts at Colorado Precious Metals Exchange

At CPMEX, we offer cash for the gold items you want to sell for the best prices and rates. We are trusted by many local businesses as well as individuals who have been satisfied by our professional service.

We strive to make each experience easy by providing transparency throughout the entire process from start to finish! You do not have to search for where to sell gold.

We are here for you at Colorado Precious Metals Exchange. Contact us today!