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How Much is a Gram of 18k Gold Worth?

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Learn How to Value 18kt Gold Price Per Gram.

18kt Gold Price

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How much is a gram of 18k gold worth?

The value of 18 karat gold derives from the content of fine gold in a gold compound, the Millesimal fineness. The Millesimal fineness is a system of marking the purity of gold, platinum, and silver alloys by parts per thousand of pure metal by mass in the respective metal alloy. Eighteen-karat gold, for example, contains 75% pure gold and is therefore marked as “750” or “14K” gold. The decimal marking “.750” is predominantly used in European countries, whereas the karat system in the United States denotes the purity of gold by fractions of 24. Therefore, 18K stands for 18 parts per 24 parts of pure gold by mass, which makes the pure gold content in a piece of 18K gold 75%.